My experience with AngularJS from a Marketing perspective

Hendrik Reuter – 12. Mai 2016


AngularJS is an open source framework from Google that enables us to build single page applications. With this framework our users will be able to surf on a really fast platform.

Several articles state that Google doesn’t need any pre-rendering in order to understand the content of a page. With this in mind, we are currently creating a completely new product to offer our users a much better experience.

Our first step was to build our product detail pages as a single page application, without prerendering.


We were able to observe that the clicks decreased within just a few days. The average position was nearly constant and the impressions correlated with the clicks.

This means that Google re-indexed some of our product detail pages on the Google index. There were two main issues regarding the product detail pages:

  1. Missing alternate tags. We are based in countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria and without this tag, Google doesn’t understand the location of the item. It is important that Google knows and understands which content belongs to which country.
  2. Pre-rendering. It didn’t work as promised. We decided that we will activate a full pre-rendering.


We are not completely back on track with the clicks but we’re heading in the right direction. The next issue will be to improve our pageload time.


One of our most important learnings was that we need to work closer together with our development and product teams. You can only succeed with a sound and constant transfer of knowledge.

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