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Floor Scrubber/ Polisher 

Artikelnummer: 8321218801
Floor Scrubber/ Polisher

Floor Scrubber/ Polisher

Please note: We do not operate outside of Scotland.

Fitted with a large rotary scrubbing head, this unit is ideal for both domestic and smaller industrial applications. In addition to cleaning large areas, the optional polishing pad will buff all types of solid wood, vinyl or tiled floors. All polishes must be applied by hand.

  • Power Option: 240v

  • Brush/ Pad Size: 406mm

  • Weight: 35kg

Please enquire for our long term or high volume discounts. We also offer an out of hours service.

  • Floor Scrubber/ Polisher
  • Schrubb - Saugmaschine - Floor Scrubber/ Polisher

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