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Personal ‘4 Gas’ Detector 

Artikelnummer: 7663609199

|Art: Gasstapler

Personal ‘4 Gas’ Detector

Personal ‘4 Gas’ Detector

Please note: We do not operate outside of Scotland.

Essential when working in potentially hazardous areas, this unit constantly monitors the atmosphere for dangerous levels of gas. Twice as reliable due to inlets on the top and front, the unit will operate even if accidentally put in a pocket. Triple alarm system (audio, visual and vibrating) ensures that the operator is alerted immediately. The size of a mobile phone, this monitor is low in weight.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 47mm x 129mm x 31mm

  • Weight: 220g (7.8oz)

Please enquire for our long term or high volume discounts. We also offer an out of hours service.

  • Personal ‘4 Gas’ Detector
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