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Cordless Combi/Drill Drivers 

Artikelnummer: 1885013061
Cordless Combi/Drill Drivers

Cordless Combi/Drill Drivers

Please note: We do not operate outside of Scotland.

Professional quality cordless combi/drill drivers perfect for use away from a reliable power source, or where cables would be restrictive. Excellent all rounders, supplied with battery and 240v charging unit.

  • Charger Unit: 240v
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Battery Voltage: 9.6v
  • Drilling Capacity: Steel 10mm
  • Wood 24mm
  • Masonry 13mm

Please enquire for our long term or high volume discounts. We also offer an out of hours service.

  • Cordless Combi/Drill Drivers
  • Bohrmaschine - Cordless Combi/Drill Drivers

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