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Anti-Vandal Storage Container 10ft x 8ft  

Artikelnummer: 3907913571
Anti-Vandal Storage Container 10ft x 8ft

Anti-Vandal Storage Container 10ft x 8ft

We hire and sell secure anti-vandal storage containers and will deliver, off load and position at any accessible UK location. Each storage unit is fitted with our patented ‘Contain-A-Lock’ anti-vandal padlock protector and a high security C section padlock.

We offer a large range of storage and accommodation units and can tailor make to order to meet most customer requirements. We feature here one of our three most popular storage units:

External Dimensions
* 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6ins

Internal storage space
* 75 sq ft
* 560 cu ft

Our storage containers are ex-shipping containers originally manufactured to withstand the rigours of international shipping and are of all steel welded construction except the floors which are made of load bearing marine-ply over steel cross bearers. The containers have two easily accessed, weather sealed, steel doors at one end with full height locking gear that attaches at the top and bottom and are further security protected by our ‘Contain-A-Lock’ padlock protector and padlock. The containers are free standing self contained units with lifting points at each corner and are completely weather proof.


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