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Lanyards Fall Arrest/Restraint 

Artikelnummer: 6240234334
Lanyards Fall Arrest/Restraint

Lanyards Fall Arrest/Restraint

Please note: We do not operate outside of Scotland.

Essential for use when working at height. Fall arrest lanyards give protection when working on roofs and situations where there is a significant fall risk by limiting the length of drop and lessening the forces generated. Restraint lanyards are for use when working from powered access units and restrict the area of operation, reducing the risk of falling. All lanyards are fully inspected and certificated.

  • Restraint

  • Length: 1.5m

Please enquire for our long term or high volume discounts. We also offer an out of hours service.

  • Lanyards Fall Arrest/Restraint
  • Sicherheitsnetze - Lanyards Fall Arrest/Restraint

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